Monday, June 13, 2011

Waverly Hills thoughts/insight

The Waverly Hills adventure is done and over.  I had a very enjoyable time, though I now know how to make my next ghost hunting adventure better next time.
We were told going in that we were to use flashlights strictly for use on the stairwells.  Our eyes would adjust to the darkness in no time, and we would "see" more without the flashlights.
One couple in the group had brought some profession equipment and so they went off by themselves.  Towards the end of the night, I started to tag along with them.  This was not their first rodeo.  It was alot more enjoyable.
The place was originally a TB hospital and then a nursing home, so there is alot of 'history' in the place.
We were split up in large groups, to go with a volunteer.  Then this group was split.  Our group first did floors 4 and 5.  The 4th floor has the most activity and "residents".  The 5th floor was the open air deck area.
The 5th floor is notorious for room 502.  "Supposedly" an unmarried nurse hung herself either in the room, or just outside the doorway because she was pregnant by a hospital doctor.  That was an unheard of thing during that time period.  Or that she had an abortion by THE doctor, and it went bad; so they hung her up to make it look like a suicide.
On the 4th floor, a couple of the "residents" - Mr Black - a large black entity that starts small and will soon engulf the whole hallway and will approach you.  We were warned if we saw, "RUN".   The 2nd "resident" is called the "creeper".  Think ghost from The Grudge.  An entity crawling on ground, pulling with arms.  According to guide, the Creeper had just been seen a few weeks prior to us arriving.
At one time they did very bad experimental surgeries in hopes of trying to make people better.  One of these surgeries was to slice the patients open down the back, and remove 1/2 of the person's ribs.  They thought this would help the patients breath easier.  Many people died.  Electric shock therapy was very common also.
During our walking around, it seemed like I was always in the back. The only time I was uncomfortable was when we were on the 4th floor.  It just felt different there.  Can't explain it.  Just different.
When we rotated down to the first floor, we were able to go down to the Body Chute.  This was a tunnel that they used to transport bodies out of the hospital to keep other patients from seeing the bodies.  This was put into use when a person an hour was dying.  The chute ends down behind the building, behind timber where a hearse or if they were from out of town, a train car was waiting for the bodies.  It is pitch black and 458 steps.  Since we did not get to this until towards the end of the tour, I didn't get a chance to go down.  I was completely exhausted by then.
At certain points, and certainly towards end of tour, I was getting more adventurous.  I would go off by myself, but always knowing where my group was.  I would not do it on the 4th floor.  Just didn't feel right.
I saw and heard a few things that I could not explain.  I was disappointed about a few things, but overall, I had a great time.   There was several in our group that said they were touched and had a few things happen to them.
I used the voice recorder on my cell phone at a few different places.  I personally didn't hear anything while doing it.  Listening to those this morning, I did pick something up on the recording.  While I was alone in the electric shock room, I was asking questions.  At one point there is a very strange sound OVER my voice.  I did not hear it, thus would have stopped if I had.  Guide said several EVPs are picked up in there, especially cussing.  It is very cool.
I am hoping that we all can gather in a few weeks to share what we experienced, photos, EVPs.
My 17 year old daughter is so jealous.  But for this 8 hour tour, you have to be 18.  We will be going back maybe next year.  There is one place on the 1st floor that I want to hit.  I had overheard some girls talking to the guide as we were leaving about the experience they had in a vault area.
This was a very physically demanding thing, especially with the heat and humidity.  There was ALOT of walking, including a ton of stairs.  I was horribly sore/hurting when we left.  But worth it all.
We are already planning a trip this fall to Pittsburgh Tennesee to a haunted hospital there.
I am sure I have forgotten a few things, so I may through some thoughts on here later.

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  1. I am SO GLAD you started this blog! I've been dying to hear how the night was :) I remember the room with the nurse (thought it was 502 though? Maybe that was another location - it's our house number so stuck in my mind) and Mr Black from the Ghost Hunters episodes. My husband and I were discussing and I can't decide if I want to go on a ghost hunt, or would be terrified to go on one LOL I'm almost desensitized since I've watched GH since the beginning, but I have no doubts it's much different in person.