Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New adventure with MTPS

Saturday morning I found myself randomly surfing the internet looking for local information on hauntings.  Decided to search to see if there was an organized group closer than Knoxville or Nashville. 
Low and behold I came across Middle Tennessee Paranormal Society based out of Cookeville. Upon reading through the website, I liked what they had to say. I filled out the online membership application, hoping to hear back.

Later that very afternoon, I received a phone call from Jennifer, one of the lead investigators/founder.  Due to a very poor cell phone reception, all I got out of the call was "meeting" "6 o'clock" and an address.  Upon arriving I find out they/we are doing a training/investigation in Sparta Tn that night.    I had several forms to fill out before leaving, as a new member.  I also had to text my boyfriend, Burt, not to expect me home anytime soon. I volunteered to drive myself and two other team members to Sparta, Lauren and Julie.  Had a very nice conversation with them both on the way.  Everyone seems very nice, and easy to get along with. My observation of the organization: good group of people; professional but also very easy going.  


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