Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm

My step sister was in town from Minnesota.  We had lunch yesterday before her heading back today. She brought up a great topic about blogging and getting paid.

Her step daughter does blogging/Twitter/Facebook for an insurance company in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. The company is run by older folks that have no clue about social media.  That is where this arose from.

My step sister, Kim, lives part time on one of the largest lakes in Minnesota, and will eventually live there permanently when her husband retires.  She thought why can't she do that too. They are huge boaters during warm weather and huge snowmobilers during cold.

I woke up this morning with a million things going through my head...why can't I do it too? I live and love living in a vacation/retirement destination.  Being in my 40's, people my age are socially connected via these outlets of Twitter, blogging, etc and we are the ones that golf, vacation, and eventually retire. Why can't I be the one connecting them to this destination? 

Definitely something to look into....

Keep you posted.

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